Wife of NFL OL Roy Miller Is Scared He’s Hiding All His Money So He Doesn’t Have To Pay Her In Divorce

Roy Miller

Back in November, the Kansas City Chiefs parted ways with Roy Miller after he was arrested due to a domestic violence claim brought on by his wife, where she accused him of dragging her by the hair and tearing a braid from her head in the process.

Not only is the former offensive lineman’s career probably over, but he is dealing with a nasty divorce and is being accused of purposely moving money around to hide what he actually has.

TMZ has the details:

“30-year-old Miller was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs back in November following a domestic violence arrest in Florida — despite signing a 1-year, $1.4 million deal before the season.

Now, Miller’s wife has hit Roy with divorce papers — and also got a temporary restraining order against him claiming the Nov. attack, in which he ripped hair out of her head, occurred in front of one of their kids.

Miller’s wife also claims he’s been drinking excessively and it’s impaired his ability to parent.

But, on top of all that … Miller’s wife claims she noticed the NFL player has been taking HUGE amounts of money out of their joint bank account — more than $400,000 — and she’s concerned he’s trying to hide the cash before she gets her cut in the divorce.”

It is highly unlikely that any team in the league is going to contact Miller about a job, so he has plenty of time on his hands to deal with his divorce and these new allegations.

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