Roger Mason Rips BIG3 League After Ice Cube Fired Him; Calls It ‘Hostile & Racist’

BIG3 Draft

On Monday, TMZ Sports broke the story that the BIG3 league was firing Roger Mason as the league commissioner, citing corruption and refusing to cooperate with a lawsuit against two Qatari investors who allegedly screwed the league out of millions of dollars. 

Roger Mason isn’t exactly sitting back and taking these accusations lightly. The former NBA player fired back at the league, calling the environment ‘racist and hostile.’

Mason is calling BS and claims the real problems center around BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz — who has “made countless unfounded attacks on my integrity, character, and leadership.”

Mason suggests Kwatinetz targeted him, in part, because of his race. 

“The work environment at BIG3 has been hostile and racist resulting in the departure of valuable League personnel. Among other matters, a former employee of BIG3 recently told me that Kwatinetz has repeatedly referred to black athletes as ‘rich n**gers.'”

Mason says he’s “disappointed” that other BIG3 execs — including Ice Cube (who’s black) — would join with Kwatinetz in “leveling these desperate manufactured claims against me.”

A spokesperson for Kwatinetz and Ice Cube tells TMZ Sports, “Mason’s claims do not require a dignified response beyond the fact that they are preposterous and false.”

Ice Cube is stepping in as commissioner until the league finds a viable person to take over the position long-term.

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