LaVar Ball Shows Off The 1st Shipment of Big Baller Brand Water (VIDEO)

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Last month, LaVar Ball announced a partnership with Lithuanian water company Birstonas Mineral Water in which the all-natural bottled water company will be distributed in the U.S. with the Big Baller Brand label attached to it.


That was February 9th. It took just one month for Big Baller Brand to show how serious they were about this when they posted a video on Friday showing the water being packaged before being shipped to a store near you.

What LaVar Ball said last month about his water:

“No one knows the Vytautas brand in America. It symbolizes history, the king,” LaVar said. “But no one will know it until they see BBB brand on it. They already know what Big Baller Brand is. People will think that by drinking it, they will become Big Ballers. It will give this water exposure. It’s the best water in the world, but no one knows about it worldwide, because everybody had their eyes closed.”

“If you invest in water, guess what? Money will flow as well,” he said. “When you feel tired, what’s your first wish? Give me some water.”

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