Hassan Whiteside Smacks Himself, Then Tells Ref He’s Going To F*ck Up Joel Embiid (VIDEO)

Hassan Whiteside

The drama between Hassan Whiteside and Joel Embiid almost came to blows on Thursday night when the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers squared off in South Beach.

The original beef between the two came during the preseason when they traded shots on Twitter. With 9:11 to play in the third quarter  of last night’s game, the two big men traded shoves that ultimately ended when Whiteside’s head flew back. Refs eventually blew a whistle and had to restrain him afterwards.

After watching the replay, it was clear that Embiid had somewhat thrown his elbow back to get Whiteside off of him, but what he actually did was push Whiteside’s arm up, causing him to smack himself in the face.

Whiteside repeated to the refs that he was going to f*ck Joel Embiid up as they walked him to the other side of the floor to cool down.

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