Padres Pitcher Carter Capps Made a Necklace Out of His Own Rib (PIC)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

San Diego Padres relief pitcher Carter Capps was diagnosed with a blood clot at the end of last season. Doctors eventually determined the clot was caused by thoracic outlet syndrome, which is when nerves and blood vessels are compressed by the collarbone and top rib. So Capps underwent thoracic outlet surgery to remove his top rib.

Though the surgery sounds kind of crazy, it’s actually become somewhat common in recent years. What’s not so common about Carter Capps’ TOS surgery is what he decided to do with the rib his doctors took out of his body.

Capps, who pitched on Sunday for the first time since going under the knife, carved his rib into an arrowhead, which he then put on a necklace.

Take a look:

Ever wonder what happens to the rib they take out in TOS?….Obviously you carve it into an arrowhead and make a necklace.

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That’s kind of cool, but also preeetty creepy.

So will Capps’ bone necklace be like Roy Hobbs’ Wonder Boy, a kind of talisman that brings him magical baseball powers? It’s probably too soon to tell. But Capps did throw 15 of his first 19 Cactus League pitches for strikes. So maybe.

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