Isaiah Thomas Felt Like LeBron James Talked Down To Him (VIDEO)

Portland Trail Blazers v Cleveland Cavaliers

This joke writes itself.

Isaiah Thomas, who is 5-foot-9, felt like LeBron James, who stands at 6-foot-8, talked down to him during Thomas’ tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to FOX Sports.

This is what Chris Broussard had to say about the situation on Tuesday’s edition of the ‘Undisputed.’

“I was talking to somebody yesterday close to Isaiah, and they said, ‘Isaiah Thomas has absolutely no love at all for LeBron. This is real. He felt like LeBron talked down to him when he was there. … And when Isaiah first got there, they actually were hanging out a little bit and it was cool. But it soured pretty quickly, so this is real.”


LeBron made it obvious he had moved on from Thomas being on the team after he knocked down a game winner and refused to celebrate with I.T., possibly knowing that he would be traded the next day.

Thomas has been quite vocal since his departure, throwing in subtle shots at Lebron in the media, with one of the most notable shots coming after he told reporters he finally went through a practice for the first time this season. As a member of the Cavs, he pointed out the team didn’t practice as all.

“I mean, this is the first real practice I had all year,” Thomas said in Los Angeles on Monday, via Clutch Points’ Ryan Ward. “Let’s see how my hip responds tomorrow with the soreness and things like that, but I’m here. I’m here and I’m happy. Got my joy back and I’m ready to put on a show for the Lakers.”

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