MLB Umpire Dale Scott Makes Difficult Decision to Retire Due to Concussions (VIDEO)

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We know that concussions can be common in both contact and non-contact sports alike, but the risk doesn’t just haunt the players. Anyone on the field can fall victim, including the referees and umpires.

Though Dale Scott has been an MLB umpire since 1985, he’s calling it quits this year due to the way the league is handling brain trauma and concussions.

“I’m done,” he stated simply to the AP.

It’s easy to see why. He’s suffered four concussions during his career and two in the past nine months, including this one.

Speaking about the league’s current protocol, Scott thinks things should improve, stating, “That needs to be addressed. Maybe my situation can be a catalyst for that.”


Hopefully his early departure, though sad, will cause the public, the league, and the players to give the whole issue just a little more thought.

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